Measure's MobileLife Report

Most industries have three primary questions: what is their target audience doing, what are they consuming, and what are they buying? Mobile devices, with today’s accelerated usage, have become the window to answering these questions and understanding consumer behavior. Measure's MobileLife report unveils the latest data about the actions and activities of individuals on their phones.

Takeaways & Insights

Discover better metrics for decision making:

Most reports still focus on app installs, uninstalls and ratings -  MobileLife gives you more critical metrics surrounding actual consumer behavior, activity and usage.

Understand consumers at a deeper level:

People are looking for true value in order to engage - app usage and prioritization data can help unveil new standards for capturing attention.

Base app strategies in real life:

Knowing exactly what people are doing on their phones, and which apps are resonating with specific audiences, can help you strategize the best ways to reach your key constituents.

Future-proof your approach:

Understanding how disruptors are measuring up against established apps can keep you a step ahead of changing audience needs and what people are seeking in their mobile, digital experiences.

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