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MSR Sample

Today, brands, marketers and researchers have greater demands for data from consumers to empower their decisions. Meanwhile, it has been increasingly difficult to collect new forms of data and the industry faces challenges such as: poor data quality; lack of transparency for buyers and sellers; and poor consumer experiences and user compensation. Furthermore, fully-permissioned app-level insights have always been challenging to collect as new legislation and app store policies make this even harder.

Measure is the first consumer engagement platform that provides agile access to permissioned consumer data in a trusted mobile environment where users complete data sharing tasks and are paid fairly for their participation. More than just surveys, users can provide you with device usage, behavioral information, media consumption, product testing, purchase and app experience data.

The Measure experience provides data you had only hoped for and at far better quality. Don’t just take our word for it, our recent research supports this (contact us for our Quality Whitepaper).

Poor quality data:

  • Is costly - time, effort and money is wasted, and as much as 30% of data is thrown away
  • Is expensive - leads to over-buying
  • Is tedious - more work to clean data
  • Is risky - decision making is compromised, and introduces volatility as you can’t deliver results with confidence

The MSR App

The MSR app unlocks your data’s full potential. Receive premium rewards for completing data tasks, as well as surveys. Your data is valuable, get rewarded fairly.

The Solution

Measure’s sample solution is built on principles where consumers have control of their data, privacy-by-design, fair compensation, and buyers have assurances around quality and transparency.

The Measure MSR app (iOS and Android) provides a consumer engagement one-stop-shop for user feedback and data. In this secure app environment, users have greater levels of confidence to share behavioral device usage data, sharing media consumption, or app-level usage and purchase data using Retro on a task-by-task basis. This is in addition to easy collection of survey-based feedback for consumer-based research including creative testing, in-home product testing, and consumer attitudes. Behavioral and integrated data should be agile and easy.

The end result is high quality data from a hyper-engaged audience (we get 70%+ response rates), and access to new forms of data. Perfect for daily trackers, recontact, and for those highly sought-after 16-34 year olds. If you are interested in receiving our panel book, please contact us and we'll provide you with the latest.

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