multi-touchpoint brand engagement

Measure Affinity

A consumer's emotional connection to a brand is revealed through their behaviors

Instead of trying to understand what your audience thinks, Measure’s behavioral Affinity product uses a multitude of digital touch points in their everyday lives to map affinity to brands and services.

A brand affinity score reflects how much a consumer cares about your brand. Brand affinity is built over time through numerous brand engagements, both positive and negative. The result of brand affinity is about more than what they think about your brand, but reflected in their day to day behaviors. This is why Measure’s Affinity product is the only solution built on zero-party, permissioned consumer behavior data across all digital channels.

The consumer journey travels along unique pathways intersecting with your brand in a multitude of ways whether it be through media, a purchase, a web visit, search, exposure on TikTok, social or a YouTube search. By encompassing all digital touchpoints, the true value of brand engagement can be realized in Measure's proprietary Affinity score.

Empower your sales efforts and strategy by understanding what brands your unique audience has affinity to compared to your competitors, thus identifying winning opportunities where your audience stands out.

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Consumer Brand Affinity

  • Affinity scores based on true behavioral data
  • Engagement based on actual purchases, search, social engagement, YouTube viewing and searches, TikTok search, web browsing and more
  • Scores updated monthly
  • Available via the Measure Platform
  • Affinity calculated for all audiences, demos, influencers and brands

Brand engagement that matters

Not all engagement is the same and today's user journey is no longer linear. The result is multiple touch points in a sequence as unique as each individual. Reaching your consumer across each channel provides intrinsic value thus understanding true intent is vital to connecting with your user. The Measure Affinity model provides credit for each brand engagement on both breadth and intensity. A Google Search and TikTok Search may not necessarily attribute the same value thus each engagement point cannot be treated in isolation. Herein lies the magic of understanding true brand engagement and Affinity.

Power your Ad Sales

Understanding the affinity of your audience, and of your competitor’s, is critical in finding where you win. True behavioral affinity provides a robust signal that matters for ad sales and strategy teams.

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