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Mobile App Audience

100% App

Mobile Sample

Looking for an engaged, mobile-first young audience for your survey or behavioral research? We have ad-hoc and programmatic options for you.

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Behavioural data

Behavioral Reimagined


Collect on-device behaviors including media and app usage, browsing history and mobile purchases. Add a survey for a complete picture of what and why.

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Omnibus survey data


Quick Answers

Need answers, fast? Get quick responses from our 18-39 audience for your PR pitch. Get feedback from 250 participants for as little as £99.

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The worlds best MR companies trust Measure
Delvinia CEO - Adam Froman

"We're in a major period of transformation for the data collection industry … Pioneering technologies like Measure Protocol significantly deepen the levels of trust that are — and will be needed —to power data into the next century.”

Adam Froman
Delvinia CEO
MSR App - My Data page for app users

Why Measure?

Better Data. Better Solutions.

  • Our user-friendly app gives consumers complete control over their data
  • Consumers download our highly-rated MSR app and build their data profile
  • We send data job offers to our audience via mobile notifications
  • Once a job is completed, consumers can easily share their data via the app, and rate their experience
“This app is great, I've cashed out 3 times and it's so fast. Highly recommend."

Google Play User

New Data. New Sources. New Opportunities.

When you play by their rules, new opportunities exist for alternative data sources. Measure - The data trust company.

What makes Measure different?

  • Consumers come first
    We know that happy consumers mean better data. So we created a sleek app for data sharing and offer fair compensation.
  • We're mobile-only
    Our mobile tech-stack enables us to collect data where people spend their time the most.
  • Our technology is exceptional
    The Measure cryptography and blockchain technology guarantees superior privacy, security and quality.
“The team were speedy and responsive, and we couldn’t have asked for more from them in terms of support with our project.”

Bryony Iles, Explain Research


Retro Storefront

Storefront is a one-stop destination for all of the most up to date obtainable data from individuals. We welcome you to browse, explore and download sample data from both iOS and Android Retros.


Our Latest News & Updates

Easy access to consumer-based behavioral data with Measure's new “Storefront”

Want to know what individuals are doing, consuming and buying on their mobile devices? Our new Storefront solution provides brands, marketers and researchers direct access to Measure's proprietary Retro data products collected in a permissioned and transparent environment.

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Consumers find efficiency in telehealth; plan to continue using digital healthcare services

Measure Protocol surveyed 2,383 individuals using its QuickAnswers solution to uncover the latest adoption, usage and sentiment surrounding telehealth.

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Zero-party data brings data sovereignty into practice

Measure’s co-founder and CMO Paul Neto writes about the emergence of zero-party data for AdvertisingWeek360 in an article where he covers how practices such as a consumer-first approach, privacy by design, transparency and consumer rewards will help us embrace data in an ecosystem where everyone wins.

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