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We empower marketing, product, and insights professionals to drive brand success through data-driven decisions and staying one step ahead of evolving market trends, ensuring maximum impact.

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Mobile App Audience

Reliable Omnichannel Data

Measure's patented technology provides granular visibility into your target audience's behavior across social media platforms, streaming services, shopping apps, and more. Unlike unreliable solutions such as VPNs or Browser Extensions, our data collection methods ensure accuracy and reliability.

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Mobile App Audience

Behavioral Segmentation

Leverage the power of behavioral segmentation to gain in-depth insights into your selected audiences, based on their authentic user actions. By understanding their behavior beyond demographics, you can create detailed personas that accurately capture their unique preferences and needs.

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Mobile App Audience

Predictive Personalization

Stay one step ahead of ever-changing consumer behavior trends with Measure's longitudinal data. By analyzing historical data, you can uncover valuable patterns and shifts in consumer preferences, enabling you to adapt and refine your strategies accordingly, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

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Privacy and Compliance

At Measure, we offer a fully-compliant environment where people share data on application usage, media consumption, social media activity, and purchasing history. We ensure that user data is protected at all times, building trust and fostering a safe and rewarding space for data sharing.

Delvinia CEO - Adam Froman

"When we used it recently, the quality of data was remarkable - it needed no manual processing at all so the time-to-insight was greatly reduced. And Measure's commitment to 'fairtrade' data meant we could use it with a clear conscience. There are similar point solutions for specific digital data sources, but the flexibility means you can be more creative."

Sameer Modha
Chief Strategy Officer
Delvinia CEO - Adam Froman

"We're in a major period of transformation for the data collection industry … Pioneering technologies like Measure Protocol significantly deepen the levels of trust that are — and will be needed —to power data into the next century.”

Adam Froman
Delvinia CEO

Consumer Intelligence Made Trustworthy

  • Our patented technology provides brands with access to insights that have always been unobtainable, so you can identify the overlap between specific behaviors and social media platforms, streaming services, shopping apps and many more.
  • Uncover the actual time your chosen audience is spending on various apps by monitoring their in-app purchases, searches, and streaming services subscriptions. Keep track of their Amazon purchases, including the date of purchase and specific items.
  • A trusted space where people feel safe and rewarded for sharing data on application usage, media consumption, social media, and purchasing history.
“The team were speedy and responsive, and we couldn’t have asked for more from them in terms of support with our project.”

Bryony Iles, Explain Research
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