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Measure Power Index

Discover the value of intent based insights

Success can be defined by the first to identify where they win against their competitors and act upon it. Thus the better you can define your audience or customer, or that of your competitor and understand where you win, the more opportunities you can achieve.

Purchase and search are the strongest indicators of intent and action, and that’s why Measure’s Power Index is built on its zero-party permissioned consumer data to understand a consumer across various brand engagements, including their actual search and purchase behavior of products.

For a publisher the equation is simple. Where does my audience spend more on specific brands and categories than my competitor’s audience? Similarly, are they more likely to search for specific brands and categories.

Whether trying to win a new advertiser, or provide the evidence for a current proposal, Measure Power Index sets your audience apart to give you that winning edge.

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Power Index Competitive Intelligence

  • Brand level purchases indexed by audiences, publishers and influencers
  • Category level purchases indexed by audiences
  • Brand search indexed by your audience
  • Behavioral data only - representing real brand engagement
  • Available on the Measure Platform
  • Powered by Retro behavioral data collection so you have confidence in the data
  • Regularly scheduled updates

Power your Sales

Empower your ad sales efforts with Measure’s Power Index for data never available before. For customers with more integrated needs, please reach out to our team to find out more about our data feeds and how we can power your BI systems.

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