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Consumer Intelligence. A lot more than just downloads

Introducing Measure's Consumer Intelligence data available via the Measure Platform. Curated from our proprietary Retro technology, user level behavioral data introduces new data and insights opportunities.

Access to consumer behaviors is a primary source of intelligence data for digital businesses today. Increasingly, access has also become a greater challenge due to privacy legislation, consumer weariness of invasive data collection methodologies, and mobile platforms are tightening on what is permissible. 

Measure’s Consumer Intelligence data provides access to behavioral data via interactive dashboards or ready to be ingested into your BI systems. Unique in its approach, unique in its output, and unrivaled in its competitive insights.

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Discover Consumer Intelligence

  • Explore behavioral data by audiences of your choice
  • Search for that special data nugget to make you stand out
  • User-friendly dashboards and interface
  • Advanced data includes App usage, TikTok browsing and search, web browsing, YouTube browsing and search, Amazon purchases, Instagram and more.

Discover Dashboard

True Digital Behaviors

The Measure Platform and Discover dashboards provide access to data collecting using our award winning Retro technology providing authentic consumer behaviors. Curated across our engaged MSR community, individuals are rewarded for sharing data in a privacy-first environment. The end result is the world's largest consumer behavioral data source that includes mobile browsing, app usage, social engagement, YouTube viewing, TikTok brand and influencer engagement, ChatGPT, Amazon purchases and overall brand engagement, and more.

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