How did Measure Protocol come about, anyway?

Our Mission

Person-based data is essential for the running of our modern economy and society. People benefit greatly from decisions made by individuals, organizations, and computer systems on the basis of their data. In recent years, this has become even more apparent as the broad adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) has vastly increased the utility of data. However, current policies related to data fail to respect the privacy of consumers, to compensate them fairly, and are socially inefficient.

In general, today, data is owned and controlled by companies. It is frequently unclear to consumers when and where data about them is being captured or used and when it is, they are being compensated poorly or not at all and have to trust the companies using it to keep it private. Companies, however, primarily care about privacy to the extent that it has a material effect on their business.

Measure's mission is to democratize data by giving individuals control over their data in a permissioned and privacy-by-design environment where they are compensated fairly, and data buyers, users and society can benefit from clean data of the greatest possible quality.

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Awards & Recognition

Get To Know The Team

Owen Hanks

Ceo & founder

25 years senior management media, tech, and advertising. Mobile pioneer, ad tech veteran. Founded and sold Appealing Media to YuMe, IPO on NYSE for YuMe in 2013.

Paul Neto

co-founder, cmo

Research and marketing technologist with a background in geo information systems. Previously at comScore, Kantar, and Founder/COO at Crowd Science, acquired by YuMe.

John Martin

co-founder, cto

Software engineer and interaction designer with deep background in machine learning, market research, and ad tech. Previously at comScore, Cisco, and Founder/CEO at Crowd Science, acquired in 2013.

Neil Mehta

Director of Engineering

Over 15 years leading globally dispersed engineering teams including HighWire Press, Scout OnDemand, and Cisco.

Louis Godfry

Growth hacker

Previously at The Drum, Viacom and Trace TV, Louis spends his days building, analysing, and monetising digital audiences, and helping curate communities of engaged users. If you've used the MSR app, he probably helped get you there!

Duarte S. Simoes
de Almeida

Finance & Business Development

With a background in turnarounds and distressed assets, Duarte has spent the last 5 years applying those lessons to startups in news, music and now data

John McLaren

Vice President

As a digital measurement veteran, John has helped launch and drive growth at M:Metrics, comScore, Verto Analytics, and SimilarWeb. At Measure, John owns the client facing relationship thoughout the entire lifecycle.

Josh Adeniyi

Operations Manager

Being an avid and creative problem solver with previous experience working in Operations for a mobile app marketplace, Josh hopes to use his analytical and entrepreneurial approach to optimize and improve the internal and external experience at Measure

Sabrina Trinquetel

UK Sales director

A seasoned market researcher, Sabrina has spent the last 10 years extracting value from data for household brand names. With varied experience including leading online community offers, loyalty and qual, she uses this expertise to provide solutions to Measure's clients to help them drive growth.

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