The Alt Data Solution

Just when you thought MarTech didn't have a solution for Alt Data. Retro provides access to unconventional and previously inaccessible data sources to provide permission-based insights for financial markets.


Compare actual behavioral data vs publicly available data

Trend Analysis

Understand purchase and consumption behavior over time


Analyse a public company's growth expectations


Ascertain response utilizing consumption data to align to earnings data

Alt Data Solution with Retro

Measure is a data technology company and is passionate about solving insights and data challenges using technology. Measure's proprietary Retro application gathers permission based insights that can be used as powerful Alt Data indicators for the financial markets.Retro provides an ever growing set of data for analysts. These include, but not limited to, consumer media consumption, technology usage and purchases, social shopping, product level purchases and mobile app usage including time spent. Contact us for the latest or to explore what you need.

Why do hedge funds need Retro data?

  • Discover early signals of emerging trends as they develop with unique data
  • Get an edge on the market in order to make better investment decisions
  • Accessing deep consumer behavioral data allows funds to truly understand market dynamics without the reliance on company promoted information

Case study

A boutique hedge fund was interested to see the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on use of ride sharing services in the U.S. to get an early read of the performance of the major ride share companies.

Measure collected ride sharing transaction data from its MSR app users who were ride share users for the past two years. The data was shown to positively correlate with earnings data, giving the hedge fund the confidence to use it for investment decisions.

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How do I start?

Easy. Contact us and one of the team will contact you to walk you through everything you need to know and discuss your specific requirements. We are super responsive and we’ve tried to make the process as simple as possible, leaving you to carry on with your busy schedules while Measure Retro finds you the data you need.