2023 Vol 1

Measure's App Life Report

Apps have become central to nearly everyone’s daily lives, and as such, are indicators of consumers’ entertainment, lifestyle, media and purchasing habits. Do you know what motivates your consumers' choices and decisions? What influencers have they been really engaged with lately? And what was their recent in-app purchase? Answers to these and other questions could bring a better understanding of who your current and new consumers are and tailor your user and market insights strategy accordingly.

Highlights from the latest report include:

TikTok usage has extended to search: In January 2023, 74% of TikTok users completed a search, with 28% performing 100 or more searches. Users are spending an average of 9.5 hours per week on the app, compared to 5.3 hours on YouTube and 3.8 hours on Facebook.

Women are highly engaged on TikTok: Sampled from a group of over 1,000 individuals in the U.S., the typical woman browsed 6,819 videos, which is about 20% more videos than the average man with 5,666.

The Kik app may be experiencing a renaissance: Although Kik’s user base only represents 3% of the report’s audience, these users spend an average of 9.8 hours per week on the app, indicating a potential resurgence for the platform.

Online shopping and purchase behavior: Game-based purchases continue to be significant, for both the most common transactions and total amount spent.

Understand consumers at a deeper level:

People are looking for true value to engage - app usage and prioritization data can help unveil new standards for capturing attention.

Get a new perspective on competitors:

With previously inaccessible and hidden behavioral data such as in-app spend and app positioning on a consumer’s Home Screen - you can take a much deeper dive into competitor ups and downs, to keep track of their wins and losses in real time.

New metrics for better decision-making:

Most reports still focus on app installs, uninstalls and ratings - AppLife gives you more critical metrics surrounding actual consumer behavior, activity and usage.

Future-proof your approach:

Understanding how disruptors are measuring up against established apps can keep you a step ahead of changing audience needs and what people are seeking in their mobile and digital experiences.

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