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In her latest article for PocketGamer.biz, our product marketing expert Katya Moskalenko explains why brands need sophisticated behavioral data to tap into new opportunities within the gaming industry. She starts the article with example from Microsoft that illustrates the unprecedented growth and influence that the gaming industry is currently experiencing, as well as its significance on the global stage. As the gaming sector continues to expand, brands are eager to seize opportunities and tap into this lucrative market. Katya maintains that to succeed in this competitive landscape, brands must delve deeper into user behaviors and preferences. This is where behavioral data emerges as a game-changer, providing invaluable insights that drive informed decision-making and effective customer engagement.

She cites gaming-related data from our latest App Life Report, which not only shows high user usage and engagement of platforms such as Roblox, but also shows that gaming apps are among the leading categories for in-app spending. In short, the gaming industry holds immense potential for brands to explore - but they will be most successful if they base their decisions on in-depth behavioral data. Gaining a competitive edge in the gaming industry requires sophisticated competitor analysis that goes beyond basic metrics like app installations and uninstalls. Brands need a comprehensive understanding of user behaviors, app positioning on home screens, and real-time monitoring of competitor apps to track successes and setbacks. Until recently, accessing this level of behavioral data was a challenge, but Measure's technology and proprietary approach has made it possible.

Using a recent case study to bring these concepts to life, Katya writes about how a leading streaming service used Measure's data when it ventured into the mobile gaming space. Understanding the gaming behaviors of iOS users, particularly those that are hard to reach, was vital for shaping development strategies. To achieve this, the streaming service leveraged our expertise and conducted a comprehensive analysis of mobile behaviors. Through a combination of 'tell us' and 'show us' tasks, they gleaned insights into app usage, home screen layouts, app notifications, active user metrics, and time spent on gaming apps. This treasure trove of information directly influenced the design and strategy of the service's expanded gaming offerings.

While many companies possess back-end behavioral data on how users engage with their own apps, Katya says that understanding how users interact with other apps is equally important. Behavioral data offers a more accurate depiction of individuals' interests and time allocation, as apps have become central to nearly everyone's daily lives. These apps are reflective of users' entertainment preferences, lifestyle choices, media consumption habits, and even purchasing behaviors.

The gaming industry's potential is undeniable, but success in this space requires a strategic approach and a deep understanding of user behaviors. Brands that leverage behavioral data gain a substantial advantage, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and tailor their offerings to resonate with their target audience. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, behavioral data remains an invaluable asset for brands aspiring to unlock the industry's enormous potential. By tapping into this wealth of insights, brands can level up their gaming strategies and secure a prominent position in this dynamic and thriving market.

Read the complete article here: https://www.pocketgamer.biz/comment-and-opinion/82005/katya-moskalenko-brands-need-behavioural-data-to-tap-into-the-gaming-industrys-enormous-potential/

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