Top 10 iOS games in December - app usage

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2 February 2022
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Thanks to Retro, the 2 billion iOS users will no longer be ignored when it comes to usage data.

App developers and publishers, whether across gaming, dating or business, have a plethora of options when it comes to understanding app metrics across the industry - for Android. The options for iOS are much more limited due to increased privacy and data controls across the platform. 

There is much inconsistency in metrics as there are options which is why we focus on understanding active hours of actual app usage on iOS devices. How much time or attention does your app get compared to their total usage, compared to your competitors, or compared to your targets. 

Top 10 gaming apps in December, ranked by total time used.

As you can see in our MobileLife Report we have seen a slight dip in total time used for Roblox since the start 2021, perhaps thanks to the ending of lockdown. However, Roblox's usage is still way ahead of its gaming rivals.

Top 10 iOS gaming apps, total hours used, December 2021

When looking at the average hours used per week of these apps - we see certain apps drive very high engagement from a smaller pool of active users.

Top 10 iOS gaming apps, average hours per week, December 2021

See how Roblox compares to Minecraft it our Battle of the Apps.

Top 10 gaming apps in December, ranked by total Pickups

Another key engagement metric is around primary engagement, or what many refer to as pickups. This metrics provides a read on deliberate engagement where an individual picks up their phone, how many times does the app become the destination or first used. Unique to iOS, this metric helps paint the picture.

Top 10 iOS apps, Total Pickups, December 2021

These are just the tip of the iceberg and for many, complement their app strategy and competitive intelligence data whether they already use App Annie, Apptopia or others. This user level content provides new tactical data to leverage your initiatives.

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