Battle of the Apps - Roblox vs Minecraft

Sabrina Trinquetel
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Battle of the gaming apps. Roblox wins with a TKO.

In this instalment of the Battle of the Apps, we are looking at engagement of two of the biggest gaming apps - Roblox and Minecraft. Mobile phone have become serious gaming devices as games often top the App store downloads. The question here that we look at is how much time do individuals really spend on some of these apps.

Often top of the charts for downloads are Roblox and Minecraft, each have created their own attention, whether it's an IPO or a multi billion dollar acquisition. Ignoring downloads, we want to see the percentage of the audience that actively uses these apps (active users), how they use it (active usage), and how many times per week it's the first app they use when someone picks up their phone.

How do we access this data? Using our Retro data collection technology, we had thousands of individuals share their actual app usage to provide some compelling insights. For a glimpse of this data, check out our MobileLife report.

Once upon a time, Minecraft was a game changer, but after this battle we think that the title goes to Roblox.

Across a group of individuals aged 18-25, what is interesting when comparing these two gaming apps is that Roblox has nearly 3x the weekly active users, and 1.7x more being the first app used after the phone is picked up.

Further, users spend approximately 4.3 hours with Roblox on a weekly basis compared to 3.2 hours on Minecraft. That is a difference of nearly 25% more time spent weekly.

For these reasons, we believe Roblox deserves the win in this battle as it continues to redefine the mobile gaming experience. Do you agree?

Be sure to follow this series as in upcoming battles we will start to look at how these evolve over time as new apps come become part of our device home screens.

Interested in this data? We have tons more. Head over and check out our Retro Storefront, explore this Retro data in detail, or check out more findings in our MobileLife report.