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Our data shows that individuals are using search as a key interaction in nearly every digital platform, including new findings about using TikTok as a search engine in our 2023 App Life Report v. 1. In fact, this search behavior is reshaping the digital ecosystem for both consumers and brands. Measure's CTO and co-founder, John Martin, delves into the consequences of this paradigm shift for insights professionals and brands in his latest article for Research Live, "What does the evolution of search mean for market research?".

In the piece, he  highlights four considerations to help brands navigate this changing landscape:

  1. New Entry Points: The surge in search entry points across platforms such as TikTok, CTV, and smart speakers necessitates a nuanced understanding of data collection and context in a multi-faceted digital ecosystem. He writes that is is "more challenging to collect the most relevant data points, as well as increasingly important to ensure that insights professionals overlay an understanding and nuanced interpretation of the different contexts surrounding each of these."
  2. Access to Behavioral Data: As consumer behaviors evolve at breakneck speed, researchers require real-world, observed data to avoid reliance on imprecise analysis methods and adapt to the rapidly shifting digital landscape. Measure's proprietary solutions offer zero-party data, collected in a "show me don't tell me" manner that gives an accurate picture of digital behaviors.
  3. Cross-Channel Insights: "Individuals choose platforms that are most convenient for their situation and for that moment in time." The advent of platforms like CTV, mobile, and streaming has fragmented data and usage patterns, making an omnichannel perspective of the consumer journey more crucial than ever.
  4. Engagement over Vanity Metrics: In a world where engagement metrics reign supreme, traditional data collection methods are no longer as relevant. Emerging technologies like AI and machine learning are revolutionizing multiple industries by emphasizing the importance of behavioral data.

He concludes the piece with "exploring and understanding behaviours – what people are doing, watching, buying, and in what sequence – is what matters when trying to make sense of it all. Yet, despite this changing of the guard, only a small number are starting to excel by embracing new forms of observed, behavioural data. It’s time that changed, too."

John's article underscores the urgency for brands, marketers and researchers to adapt to these transformative changes and leverage innovative forms of observed, behavioral data to craft more effective brand strategies. To explore the full article, visit: https://www.research-live.com/article/opinion/what-does-the-evolution-of-search-mean-for-market-research/id/5117743