What can in-app data really tell you about your customers? ‍

Measure Protocol
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In our most recent article for Business of Apps, we answered this question using data from our most recent “App Life Report.” In the article, called “ What the right app data can tell you about your audience” our co-founder and CMO Paul Neto writes about how it is important to go deeper when it comes to app and mobile usage metrics in order to find out exactly how audiences are spending their time. And this type of behavioral data is getting harder and harder to come by in today’s privacy-driven ecosystem. 

This “hidden” data can be unveiled with new technology, such as Measure’s Retro solution. We used this solution, which provides access to previously inaccessible in-app data directly from consumers in a privacy-first, trusted environment, to mine the data for our most recent report. We uncovered some interesting consumer behaviors, many of which Paul outlines in the article.

Just a few of the insights included in the piece are: 

  • How many apps people are using during the 45 average hours per week those aged 16-25 use their iPhones. Even with new app downloads in the billions, most are using only 42 apps on a weekly basis.
  • Gen Z shopping behaviors that show exactly how this powerful generation is interacting and engaging with shopping apps, such as Amazon and SHEIN, and making in-app purchases. 
  • Women’s gaming and viewing habits, including some surprising metrics that show this group is spending significantly more time than men playing Roblox and engaging with TikTok. 
  • Engagement metrics surrounding the number of notifications per week per app that can help app developers understand if their messages are getting through or  being silenced by users. Paul also writes about purposeful, priority engagement, which can be understood by examining which app individuals use when they first pick up their phone.
  • Preferred music apps and listening habits between men and women, including how many hours per month each gender is streaming audio content - and how engaged they are when listening.

Paul closes the article with “With an increasingly fragmented media and digital life landscape, understanding how individuals engage with their devices, apps, services and media has become ever more challenging. Brands are turning toward hidden behavioral data and trends to gain a competitive edge and better engage with their customers and supporters.” 

For the complete article, plus metrics for the above points, visit: https://www.businessofapps.com/insights/what-the-right-app-data-can-tell-you-about-your-audience/