App Life Report 2023 (Volume One) is now available!

Measure Protocol
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TikTok continues to extend its domination according to new mobile behavioral data from Measure Protocol

Consumer intelligence company’s new 2023 “App Life Report” reveals details on consumer app engagement and behaviors; features insights collected via its proprietary user-focused data solution

LONDON - 04 April 2023 - Measure Protocol has released its first “App Life Report” of 2023, with details on consumer digital behaviors, including a deep dive into the continued rise of user engagement and prioritization of TikTok. Based on behavioral data collected from consumers using the company’s proprietary Retro technology, the only user-focused data solution of its kind, the new report outlines how individuals are really spending time on their mobile devices.

“Our Retro solution allows our community to share exactly what they are doing on their phones each week, and this authentic data doesn’t rely on self-reported behaviors or recall,” said Owen Hanks, CEO of Measure Protocol. “In our newest App Life Report, we uncover the latest findings surrounding gaming app engagement metrics, app usage, in-app purchases, most used apps, and app-specific activities. TikTok emerged as a clear leader across multiple categories, and the report contains a deep dive into how individuals are using and engaging with this platform.” 

Measure’s proprietary Retro technology allows access to behavioral data that is increasingly difficult to access, due to changing privacy regulations and consumer concerns surrounding data privacy. It encourages greater sharing by not only fairly rewarding consumers for completing data sharing tasks on their mobile phones, but also by providing a fully permissioned, transparent and user-friendly environment. The new report uses comprehensive mobile and digital behavioral data collected from U.S. consumers in January 2023. 

The first volume of the 2023 App Life Report focuses on actual user engagement, usage and app prioritization on their mobile devices. Some key findings include:

  • TikTok usage has extended to search: In the month of January 2023, 74% completed a search on TikTok, and 28% did 100 or more searches. This is compounded by the fact that most users are, on average, spending 9.5 hours per week using the app, compared to YouTube at 5.3 hours, and Facebook at 3.8 hours.
  • Women are viewing 20% more videos on TikTok: Sampled from a group of over 1,000 individuals in the U.S., the typical woman browsed 6,819 videos, which is about 20% more videos than the average man with 5,666.
  • The Kik app may be experiencing a renaissance: Although Kik’s user base only represents 3% of the report’s audience, these active users are highly engaged at 9.8 hours per week. This could be an early sign of a second life for the app.
  • Online shopping and purchase behavior: Game-based purchases continue to be significant, for both the most common transactions and total amount spent. Gram Games, developer of Merge Dragons, had the highest average in-app spend per user at $31.45.

Data from Measure’s Retro solution, on which the App Life report is based, can inform holistic competitive strategies for brands, app developers and agencies, going far beyond installs and reviews. With previously inaccessible and hidden behavioral data such as in-app spend, purchase motivations, media consumption patterns and trends, social media search and content results - Retro allows a much deeper dive into competitor apps. Retro can also be integrated into existing surveys and data pipelines, bringing more meaningful behavioral data to boost audience understanding and find new ways to drive growth. 

The App Life Report highlights additional device-based data collected via Measure’s Retro technology. Download it here: Full datasets and metrics used for this report are available by contacting