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Consumer Intelligence. A lot more than just downloads

Introducing Measure's Consumer Intelligence data. Curated from our proprietary Retro technology, user level behavioral data introduces new data and insights opportunities.

Access to consumer behaviors is a primary source of intelligence data for digital businesses today. Increasingly, access has also become a greater challenge due to privacy legislation, consumer weariness of invasive data collection methodologies, and mobile platforms are tightening on what is permissible. 

Measure’s Consumer Intelligence data provides access to behavioral data ready to be ingested into your BI systems. Unique in its approach, unique in its output, and unrivaled in its competitive insights. On regular intervals, you will be provided with access to iOS usage data which includes the following.

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Consumer & App Intelligence

  • Total time usage weekly (hours)
  • Per user, per app actively used
  • App engagement (pickups and notifictions)
  • In-app purchases and subscriptions (spend per user by vendor)
  • Foreground and background usage of apps and services such as podcasts and music listening
  • Amazon transactions
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The apps that matter

The iOS app store and Google Play store have millions of apps available to individuals that receive millions of downloads. Our research shows that the average user only engages with approximately 33 apps on a weekly basis. This amounts to only about 30,000 apps that are actively used on a weekly basis. While many services focus on the millions of potential apps, we focus on those that are active used. Intelligence based on the changing behavior patterns of these apps for consumers is the key to understanding the app landscape, and your business intelligence.

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Power your BI

Measure customers are powering their BI systems with regular feeds of data to provide them with a competitive edge, understand audiences and marketing strategy. Contact us to find out how we can help you attain that extra edge over your competition.

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