Wordle: “accidental” app appears in Measure’s tracking data

Louis Godfrey
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Five years ago, Steven Cravotta, aged 18, uploaded an app to the Apple app store called “Wordle”, but didn’t develop the app further. 

Cut to 2022, a browser-based game with the same name went viral. Thousands shared the familiar pattern of blocks on their socials.  

Now when you search “Wordle” -  the first app iOS users find is Steven’s old (and unrelated) app. He’s vowed to give the profits to charity.

In fact, the iOS app Wordle was mistakenly downloaded so many times it appears high in Measure’s weekly and monthly data.

"In-App" Purchases Retro Data

Measure’s “in-app” purchase data (powered by Retro) gives you a more in-depth look into the world of content bought within the iOS app store. 

On top of the usual “how much does app x make per month” it also showcases:

  1. The item - for example Robux Coins or iCloud Storage subscription
  2. Zero-cost transactions - for example app downloads or free trials 

Top iOS App Transactions

Taking a look at the top app "transactions" in January, Wordle appears 6th - up there with billion-dollar businesses like Apple and WarnerMedia.

  1. Is  iCloud 50 GB Storage, with users spending on average $1.00 on this monthly subscription
  1. An Apple Music Subscription, users spending an average of $5.72 
  1. A slightly larger 200GB iCloud pack, with users spending $3.02
  1. An Apple TV+ free trial 
  1. The HBO Max free app download (streaming payments are often done directly with the platform and not via the app store)

And 6th is Worlde! Made by Steven Cravotta. 

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