Why data quality is so much bigger than just the quality of our data

Sabrina Trinquetel
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Sabrina Trinquetel speaks with the Now That's Significant Podcast on "Why data quality is so much bigger than just the quality of our data". In this segment, Sabrina speaks about:

How data quality is so much more than just the quality of our data, as it requires a concerted effort not just in how we’re collecting the respondent data, but also who is collecting, analyzing, and distributing the insights too.

The need to be cognizant of data privacy, as the lack of it being front and centre in our efforts will lead to an erosion of trust with respondents, the market, etc.. In turn, our research won’t result in much except a loss of reputation within the organization.

Privacy-first design, how organizations are achieving this, and what results they are realizing by doing so.

The need to be a truly diverse, equal, and inclusive business. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also because our insights are going to be far more effective and representative of the world.

And, a little thought experiment to see the difference between organizations who truly embrace DEI and those two continue doing market research as we’ve always done it.

Not one to be missed. Tune in at https://pod.co/now-thats-significant/why-data-quality-is-so-much-bigger-than-just-the-quality-of-our-data-with-sabrina-trinquetel