What market research can learn from B Corps

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Our U.K. Sales Director, Sabrina Trinquetel, recently wrote about how market research can learn from B Corp standards. In her article for the GreenBook blog "A model for change: What market research can learn from B Corps” she lays out how by looking at B Corps, we as an industry can form a community of leaders and drive a global movement of people using business as a force for good. 

Sabrina explores how brands are increasingly under scrutiny for their business practices and how market research has not escaped this trend where consumers seek to interact with organisations that reflect their own values and priorities. Whether it be in the form of diversity and inclusion to better treatment of individuals participating in research, companies in our space are making significant strides towards better practices.

Sabrina goes on to outline some guidelines that are uniquely applicable to the market research industry. 

  • Being the change that we seek in the world.
  • Conducting business by prioritising people.
  • Employing business practices that benefit everyone.
  • Acting with an understanding of the interdependency of people and responsibility toward all.

Sabrina concludes that as researchers, we can take inspiration from B Corps beliefs and "ethically we have a responsibility to ensure that each stage of our work is conducted under the highest standards".

To read the complete article, visit: https://www.greenbook.org/mr/market-research-trends/a-model-for-change-what-market-research-can-learn-from-b-corps

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash