Webinar: ""How to Build Trust and Address Data Quality Issues"

Measure Protocol
September 16, 2020

We're teaming up with Women in Research (WIRe) for a discussion on trust and data quality in the market research industry. When we dug into our research-on-research on quality and wrote our white paper, "Is trust the solution to dirty data?", there were several findings that we wanted to share far and wide. 

What we discovered indicates that the right combination of technology and core trust principles has a significant positive impact on consumer behavior when participating in surveys. We wanted to share not only the results of our study, which consisted of a comparison of respondent behavior in traditional data collection environments versus a trust-based, user-friendly one. 

In the WIRe session, you will learn how to build a trust-based environment by focusing on concepts like data sovereignty, privacy by design, fair reward and transparency. Measure's CMO and co-founder, Paul Neto, and our Director of Programmatic and Operations, Guy Wates, will help you build a deep understanding of how the implementation of these principles can have far-reaching positive impacts on your data quality, the market research industry and new data opportunities.

Key takeaways:
1. Dive into new research results that illustrate how respondent behavior changes in traditional vs. trust-based ecosystems

2. Learn how to build a trust-based environment by focusing on five proven principles

3. Gain a working knowledge of how these principles can be implemented in your real-life research projects for better data quality

The market research industry has long struggled with data quality and its dire implications. Technology struggles to keep up with new threats to quality, such as activity from increasingly savvy fraudsters. It's time to take a different approach, and start building trust with respondents from the ground up. 

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