Webinar: Empowering your business with behavioral data

Measure Protocol

Join our UK Sales Director Sabrina Trinquetel on Tuesday September 28th for a live webinar "Empowering your business with behavioural data".

To date, behavioural data has failed to live up to its promise. This is because until now it has been slow, expensive, and difficult to work with. In this webinar, we explore new forms of consumer behavioural data that changes how we approach behavioural insights and drive marketing strategy, audience insights and business intelligence.

Join us to:
Gain insights into the latest developments on accessing and working with behavioural data
How to differentiate and provide new insights for your clients
Learn the latest mobile behavioural trends and how the US and UK compare/contrast
Learn how to implement these new insights and methods into your business and customer intelligence

4PM London

Missed the live event? Watch here.