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As the development and pace of adoption surrounding AI accelerates, it is crucial to take a step back and ensure that a diverse group is involved in shaping innovation, writes our product marketing manager Katya Moskalenko for MediaCat Magazine. In her latest article, "Equality by design: Why we need to give women a voice at the AI table" she lays out the valuable contributions that women can give to technology development, acknowledging that there is a lack of diversity in data and AI positions around the world.

She calls attention to the fact that gender parity in the AI field can prove catastrophic to representation of women and marginalized groups, especially if bias is built into systems from the outset. Not only that, using AI in the workplace itself can negatively affect the working lives of women if no reskilling or upskilling programs are in place. Instead, Katya outlines ways that companies can take a more thoughtful, intentional approach to equity. Some of the points she touches on in the article include:

  1. Ensure the inclusion diverse, unbiased data sets for more equitable AI development.
  2. Employ teams that represent a wide range of perspectives to avoid inadvertent system biases.
  3. Prioritize ethical considerations, such as ensuring individual autonomy, safety, and privacy and creating formal guidelines.
  4. Involve underrepresented groups and minorities in oversight positions for fair, insightful AI development.
  5. Take collaborative responsibility by sharing best practices within the industry.

She concludes with: "Women's active participation in the development and implementation of AI is vital in order to ensure these technologies become agents of positive change in our society. By addressing bias, promoting inclusivity, empowering women in decision-making, creating diverse role models and upholding ethical considerations, we can shape AI that truly serves the needs of all individuals and ultimately build a future which is more inclusive, equitable and beneficial to all."

Read the complete article here: https://mediacatmagazine.co.uk/equality-by-design-giving-women-a-voice-at-the-ai-table/