Join us to talk about trust at ESOMAR's flagship series event

Measure Protocol

We are thrilled to be part of the North America and European lineup for ESOMAR's Flagship Series: Transformation and Trust event on 31 March. The new event is being presented as a program trilogy with each episode featuring unique content across different time zones. Our CMO and co-founder, Paul Neto, will be exploring the use of trust principles to unlock the next generation of consumer data collection. During his session, he will explore our latest research that show trust and privacy are critical in boosting consumers’ willingness to participate in research and share data - plus go over implications surrounding data quality and access to sensitive data forms, such as behavioral data.

You can register for the event here. Just click on the second box (episode #2) and follow the prompts - it is free to attend. The sessions begin at 3 p.m. CES on 31 March, and recordings will be sent out to registrants after the event in the case that you can't attend live.

This is your chance to get an insider's look at the data from our new Measure Privacy Report, which covers specific consumer privacy concerns, levels of trust in market research and other industries, how sentiment is shifting have changed recently, and how willing consumers are to share specific types of information. In addition, Paul will also be talking about our research-on-research initiative that shows the significant effect of trust principles such as data sovereignty, privacy by design, fair reward and transparency on data quality. With a side-by-side comparison between data collection using these principles and traditional data sources, the study insights provide a detailed examination of various quality metrics and set out a guideline for defining quality, trust and future research.

Paul will show a few ways to find that deft balance that is needed in order to increase respondent engagement, participation and satisfaction (and, ultimately, data quality) - and how organizations must go far beyond the point-in-time interaction and give respondents a consistently great experience that protects their privacy and builds trust. During the session, you will:

  • Explore the trust principles that should form the foundation for a respondent-centric research ecosystem that provides a better user experience. 
  • Learn about new research that illustrates that data quality is a direct function of trust, and how to incorporate the findings into your own approach.
  • Discover how building trust with respondents can directly impact their willingness to share new types of data, such as behavioral data and mobile device activities.

We hope you'll join us!