We write for Research Live about Trust and Data Quality

Measure Protocol
September 21, 2020

Our in-depth exploration of the impact of trust principles on data quality for market research continues. While our white paper publishes the full results of our recent research-on-research, diving into how respondents behave in a trust-based environment, we give a high level overview of the findings in our latest piece for Research Live. In the article, called "Trust Principles Show Promise in Cleaning Up Data," our CMO Paul Neto explores how market research may be able to increase people’s trust in research and improve the quality of data.

First, he outlines existing distrust and other pervasive problems in the industry that are impacting data quality, including citing a recent Measure study on trust and privacy. "We found that 32% of respondents would refuse to participate when unsure about their level of trust with a survey provider, and 35% indicated they would provide limited information as a precaution." The conclusion is that trust does have an impact on results. 

The article then defines key trust principles which have the potential to boost trust among respondents, and outlines our research initiative in which we wanted to answer questions like: "Are consumers who participate in an environment built on trust principles very different from those that participate in surveys elsewhere? Are they behaving differently? If they are, how so, and what does this mean for the industry?"

By just touching on some of our findings - and there were a lot - it becomes clear that "data cleanliness can be achieved through networks built on trust principles." Both sides of the equation, respondents and researchers, are experiencing general distrust in today's ecosystem. We need to go back to the drawing board to start to mend broken trust.

Paul concludes with: "By building user-friendly ecosystems grounded in the principles of data sovereignty, privacy by design, fair rewards and transparency, perhaps we can begin to move the needle toward better quality data."

For the complete article, visit: https://www.research-live.com/article/opinion/trust-principles-show-promise-in-cleaning-up-data/id/5074172