Sharing data for rewards, right from your mobile device

Measure Protocol
October 12, 2020

Some of our MSR community members can choose to earn rewards simply by sharing what they are doing on their phone. However, right now, those using an Android operating system have an advantage - Android settings allow people to share mobile activity, whereas iOS does not allow it due to integrated privacy settings. Our CMO Paul Neto writes more about this opportunity - and how willing people are to enable this kind of sharing - in his article for Business2Community called "Android Users, Your Operating System Can Actually Help You Earn Money Online."

What many businesses don't know is that people are actually willing to share their data, in the right situation. Paul covers a study we conducted last year using our MSR blockchain-powered app, which prioritizes privacy, transparency and data ownership. In this environment, respondents indicated that although they are concerned with their privacy, 78% were willing to enable and share passive behavioral data sources. 

Consumers realize that their data is a valuable commodity. Paul encourages them in this article to consider sharing it as long as they do so at their "discretion, in a private environment, can turn into a win-win for everyone involved." He writes: "In the right context, you can share information for appropriate rewards, and realize a worthwhile value exchange for your data." A good example of this type of ecosystem is Measure's MSR app.

Paul reiterates that proper compensation and rewards is vital to this model. In the same study cited above, we found that "Of those surveyed, 85% were satisfied with the higher-than-normal offers received during the study, illustrating the benefits of rewarding people fairly for their time and commitment."

He concludes the piece with: "As data becomes more and more important for helping brands and organizations make good decisions in the face of massive change, input like mobile behavioral data will also grow in value – equalling better rewards for you."

You can read the complete article here: