"Retro" offers unrivaled access to consumer behavioral data

Measure Protocol
November 17, 2020

We are thrilled to introduce "Retro," our brand-new solution for uncovering vital consumer behavioral data. Operating inside the private, trusted, permission-based environment of our MSR app, Retro helps gain insights into app usage metrics, device behaviors and media consumption.


Brands need this information to get a complete view of their audiences. Consumers need control and choice when it comes to their own data. Retro provides both!

Retro gives access to data that has historically been very expensive and difficult to collect. We've changed this by creating an ecosystem built on trust, privacy, and paying consumers fairly for their data. See our full press release on our new solution  for more information:

Measure Protocol’s new solution uncovers previously inaccessible consumer behavioral data 
Newly released “Retro” provides access to consumer digital, app and media consumption data within a private and trusted permission-based environment

LONDON - Measure Protocol, the award-winning, ethical person-based data marketplace, today released “Retro” its latest solution to provide more consumer insights to data buyers, including brands, researchers and agencies. Available across both iOS and Android, Retro uses proprietary methodology to gather consumer data that has previously been almost impossible to access.  The new solution provides  insights into consumers’ app usage metrics, device behaviors and media consumption all within a private, trusted, permission-based environment.

“We relentlessly pursue quality, which we believe can only be achieved in an ecosystem built on trust, transparency and accountability. Our technology is ground breaking in that it allows consumers to be in control of their own data asset, and ensures they are always aware of what data is being collected. Our latest research-on-research shows clearly that this model, alongside fair compensation for sharing, has been shown to equal higher quality metrics,” said Owen Hanks, CEO of Measure Protocol. 

Measure’s Retro provides an opportunity for brands to understand how consumers are spending time on their digital devices. It allows both iOS and Android users to interact in a similar way so that data is more aligned across operating systems. Retro provides access to vital information for brands, while consumers retain full custody of their own data and have a choice of whether or not to participate.

Key features of Retro for market research include: 

  • Seamless ability to understand consumers across all mobile operating systems
  • Ability to collect in-app environments not previously available via other technologies
  • Customizable and scalable to meet all requirements
  • Backed by our clean-water pledge for quality data within a fully-permissioned user experience
  • Significantly lower cost than other metering and behavioral collection technologies
  • Quick turnaround of data

Historically, this type of data has been very expensive and difficult to collect due to poor and cumbersome experiences, a general distrust of companies collecting this data, and the lack of adequate compensation. Retro changes this. Measure has built a user-centric and positive experience within the MSR app ecosystem built on trust, privacy, and paying consumers fairly for their data.