We write for ESOMAR's Research World on Behavioral Data

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In today’s privacy landscape, new regulations and lockdowns by major players such as Apple and Google are impacting our traditional ways of collecting behavioral data. However, this doesn’t mean the end of behavioral data strategies. Our CMO and co-founder, Paul Neto writes for ESOMAR’s Research World blog about ways we can use the right type of approach in order to continue to access this type of valuable consumer data.

He writes about the importance of creating an ecosystem based on trust and privacy - two key things that build a “magic zone” for encouraging consumers to share information. By shifting away from buzzwords and putting them into the light of what people are truly seeking, we can start to change the data-sharing dynamic. “When you present the community that already trusts you with a request for behavioral data sharing, they tend to respond…you can uncover fascinating data about how exactly people are engaging with apps, in-app purchase behaviors, app prioritization, notifications data and much more.”

For example, by following these principles we have been able to build a highly engaged community within our MSR app. Our community members are willing to share more because they feel respected and secure within the app ecosystem – and, of course, we pay them fairly for their participation. This engaged environment is simply the first step, and implementing new technology within it to gather that elusive behavioral data can be extremely effective.

In the article, Paul emphasizes that we must start to look more toward what consumers seek in their interactions in order to get the data we need. Consumers want more transparency and better interactions, and they want to understand how their data is being used. By prioritizing what consumers want, we can overcome data collection challenges in ways that make sense for everyone involved.

Despite the shifts in the privacy landscape, new solutions like Measure’s Retro technology are being introduced on a regular basis to help brands and marketers continue to gain holistic views of their audiences with more complete data sets. Behavioral data is a critical part of this picture. Paul concludes with, “By throwing out old ways of thinking, and prioritizing what consumers want – trust and respect – we can start to overcome today’s data collection challenges in ways that make sense for everyone involved.”

Read the complete article here: https://researchworld.com/articles/think-today-s-privacy-landscape-means-no-more-behavioral-data-think-again