New solution for collecting consumer digital behaviours

Measure Protocol
May 6, 2020

Exciting news below! Our newest solution helps help researchers and marketers gain a more holistic view of consumers...and our app users retain complete control over their data in a permission-based ecosystem. See our news release for details. 

Measure Protocol releases new solution for collecting consumer digital behaviours

Market researchers and brands can now capture a more holistic view of their customers utilizing the Measure Protocol MSR app

LONDON - 06 May 2020 - Measure Protocol, the ethical person-based data marketplace powered by blockchain, today released its latest solution to help data buyers and market researchers gain a more holistic view of their consumer audiences through passive, mobile device data collection. 

This new solution is part of a growing suite of offerings within the company’s award-winning MSR data collection app which, when combined with its mobile-only survey outreach, can help researchers understand the “what and why” of consumer behaviours and attitudes. The new offering is fully permissioned-based and provides consumers a new way to monetize their data asset in the transparent and privacy-first MSR app environment.    

“Consumers conduct much of their communication, shopping and other activities on their mobile devices,” said Owen Hanks, CEO of Measure Protocol. “This new product allows brands and marketers access to the valuable data surrounding these activities. The choice to share is entirely up to users, and they are more willing to do so than one might think. Last year in Measure’s pilot program, 78% of participants expressed interest to connect to passive data collection for appropriate rewards.” 

This new offering, available for Android devices, allows brands and marketers to ask users of the MSR mobile app to enable passive behavioural data collection. Users retain complete control over their data privacy and can choose whether or not they want to participate in this type of collection and earn rewards in the app. 

In a fully permissioned and trusted environment, MSR app users may receive a data job to enable anonymous monitoring of on-device behaviours such as:

  • Which websites they visit
  • Which apps they use
  • Media consumption, including YouTube and Netflix viewing
  • Mobile shopping behaviours
  • Social media engagement

Historically, this type of data has been very expensive and difficult to collect due to poor and cumbersome experiences, a general distrust of companies collecting this data, and the lack of adequate compensation. Measure has built a user-centric and positive experience within the MSR app ecosystem built on trust, privacy, and paying consumers fairly for their data. There are few opportunities for users to earn up to double-digits for sharing data on a monthly basis.