Easy access to consumer-based behavioral data with Measure's new “Storefront”

Measure Protocol
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Our exciting announcement - the launch of our new "Storefront" - will transform the way brands, marketers and researchers access hard-to-get consumer behavioral data for powering shopper insights, media consumption insights, consumer journey strategy, and alternative data sources. See below for the full release, and check out the Storefront for your data needs.


Measure Protocol launches “Storefront” the simple solution for anyone to access consumer-based behavioral data
New platform solution provides easy access to data surrounding what individuals are doing, consuming and buying on their mobile devices

LONDON - 26 May 2021 - Measure Protocol, the award-winning, ethical person-based data marketplace, has launched “Storefront”, the easy access solution to consumer-based behavioral data. Storefront provides brands, marketers and researchers direct access to proprietary Retro data products collected in a permissioned and transparent environment. The data provides granular insights into what individuals are doing, consuming, and buying. 

“The ability for brands to access consumer data has become increasingly difficult, restricted, and often completely out of reach due to the rise of new privacy protocols, plus a general lack of trust among consumers,” said Owen Hanks, CEO of Measure Protocol. “We have an existing solution - called Retro - that changes this dynamic by gathering previously inaccessible in-app data directly from consumers in a privacy-first, trusted environment. Retro is already uncovering amazing insights, and we felt that building Storefront was a necessity to allow easy access to this solution and its behavioral data.”

The new Storefront gives brands and organizations direct access to this up-to-date consumer behavioral data. It showcases hard-to-get, app-level data, allowing the “mix and match” of a wide number of data combinations. Users of the Storefront can explore available metrics such as device and app usage, in-app purchases, account-level media consumption and more. The data can also be explored at an industry specific level, with categories for verticals such as grocery, utilities, finance, shopping and much more. 

In order to build these deep behavioral profiles, Retro is grounded in the established, trusted and transparent ecosystem of Measure’s MSR app and data is collected with full user permission by participating in data sharing tasks. In addition, participants earn significant rewards by completing data sharing tasks on their phones, with individuals earning approximately $15-$40 per hour based on the level of participation.

Storefront showcases detailed consumer behavioral data that can power shopper insights, media consumption insights, consumer journey strategy, and alternative data sources. Storefront can be found at http://storefront.measureprotocol.com