Measure Protocol launches game-changing platform for revenue generation

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest products, Affinity and Power Index. Read the press release below for details, and visit our home page to sign up for more information.


Measure Protocol launches game-changing platform for revenue generation.

New Affinity and Power Index products are the first ever multi-touchpoint behavioral solutions for publishers, agencies and brands.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 8, 2024 / -- Measure Protocol today announced the launch of its latest solutions to provide brands, publishers and agencies with unmatched consumer and competitive insights. Measure’s platform is the first of its kind to provide exhaustive multi-touchpoint behavioral data for its customers.

Measure’s Affinity solution uses behaviors across purchase, search (Google, TikTok, Amazon), social media engagement (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X), web visitation and more, to understand true digital touchpoint influence on a consumer’s affinity to a brand, influencer, or audience.

Measure’s Power Index solution incorporates brand and category level purchase data, as well as brand specific search for publishers, agencies and brand advertisers to understand where their audience wins against its competitors.

“Brands understand that consumer engagement happens across multiple channels and services, and for the first time ever, they can access this data in one place on the Measure platform to drive revenue across the ad and brand ecosystem,” said Owen Hanks, CEO and co-founder of Measure Protocol. He continued, “As we enter into a cookieless world, clients are looking for better behavioral signals to support their business outcomes.”

“Measure Protocol gives Quad, and our media agency Rise, a strategic edge in fully permissioned behavioral data, which enables us to deliver better results for clients,” said Joshua Lowcock, president of Quad Media. “In a world of increased privacy regulations and headwinds from arbitrary platform decisions, having a partner like Measure Protocol enables Quad to lean into our core principle of resilient data sets based on reliable sources of truth.”

Some of the key features of the new Measure Affinity and Power Index solutions include:

True behavioral multi-touchpoints:

Audiences and brand engagement are composed of cross-touchpoint events such as web visitation, search, app usage, media consumption and purchases, thus providing the only truly omnichannel view of brand engagement.

Affinity scores across audiences:

Affinity constructs a proprietary score for audiences against a comprehensive list of brand level engagements including YouTube viewing, YouTube search, web visitation, app usage, Google Search, social engagement and purchases. Affinity takes into account all digital touchpoints a brand has with a consumer, as well as the breadth and intensity of signals.

Power Index is about where you win:

Power Index compares purchase and search across thousands of audiences and brands to index how one audience compares against another.

One source access:

All solution modules are accessible via the Measure platform meaning simple access and a seamless experience.

Global social and technology platforms, TV/media companies, agencies and more are already using Measure’s data for product and marketing decisions. Customers are now using the agile platform to easily access this critical behavioral data solutions across their organizations. For more info, please contact

About Measure Protocol

Measure is a consumer intelligence company that takes the pulse of the digital consumer, providing on-demand access to authentic behavioral data for making informed product and marketing decisions. Using proprietary digital behavior detection technology and machine learning, Measure captures true digital consumer behavior and converts their permissioned digital data into easily digestible data sets. The world’s leading consumer-led companies use Measure’s data to stay competitive and drive customer engagement and growth. Measure won the 2022 MRS Award for Best Technology Innovation, and the 2023 Quirk’s Technology Impact Award, and is an alumnus of the Creative Destruction Lab’s Innovation program. @measureprotocol