Holiday shopping is here

Measure Protocol

The weather is getting colder, nights are drawing in and runny noses are rife, it must be the holiday season. 

Often the busiest time of year, planning promotions, marketing and product lines are all complete.

However all your well laid plans may not come good if there are unforeseen shifts in behavior, trends that pop up or external events that influence spend. How are you preparing yourselves to react quickly and positively to these changes? 

One key issue is not being able to see these behaviors until it’s too late, relying on post sales metrics or unreliable reported data. 

That’s where Measure’s Holiday Season Package comes in.

We’ve put together a sure fire way to ensure you’ve got super accurate, fast and unique data to help inform your seasonal decisions. 

Firstly, you need to see where people are spending their time: browsing and searching for items to purchase, events to go to and trips to take. Using our App Usage Retro, you’ll get a weekly track of any behavior from consumers to identify those areas of most importance where you could capitalize.

Complimenting this broad coverage, we’ve included the narrowing in on purchases from Amazon. A channel that covers almost all possible options for consumers during the holidays, you can identify what people are browsing for, and what they ultimately purchase. Giving you understanding of their unmet needs, product trends, and average spend.

This holiday season package also comes with our latest MobileLife report thrown in, so you can unearth unseen unique data to support your seasonal activities. 

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Happy holidays!