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Gen Z, the digital-native generation, presents unique challenges and opportunities for mobile marketers. In his most recent article for Business of Apps Paul Neto, co-founder and CMO of Measure Protocol, explores the top three Gen Z mobile metrics that brands must track to effectively engage this tech-savvy audience.

Gen Z's affinity for engaging, interactive, and shareable content makes it imperative for marketers to closely observe their behaviors. This demographic primarily operates in a mobile-centric world, spending an average of nine hours a day on their smartphones. This shift demands a mobile-first, and often mobile-only, approach from marketers.

The article highlights the importance of understanding not just which apps Gen Z prefers but also how they interact with these apps. For instance, data from Measure's 2023 App Life Report reveals that Gen Z's search habits have evolved; they now "tiktoking" for travel ideas, recipes, and answers instead of traditional web searches.

TikTok stands out as the frontrunner among Gen Z, with users aged 16-25 spending a remarkable 16 hours a week on the platform. YouTube and Instagram follow, but the trend of short-form video content is transcending generations, with 75% of all viewers engaging in short-form video on their mobile devices.

To stay competitive and tailored to Gen Z, mobile marketers need to track essential metrics such as app usage and engagement, app prioritization and notifications, and app spending. These insights are invaluable for understanding purchasing habits, lifestyle trends, and user preferences.

However, acquiring such data presents challenges in terms of privacy and regulatory compliance. Paul Neto discusses the role of new technologies like AI and machine learning in overcoming these challenges and obtaining authentic behavioral data.

In a media landscape marked by fragmentation, brands are increasingly relying on innovative data collection methods to gain a competitive edge. This includes fostering transparency with consumers and creating trusted environments for data sharing. With the shift away from cookies, trust and transparency are vital for building connections and taking desired actions in mobile marketing strategies.

To dive deeper into these critical Gen Z mobile metrics and explore the future of mobile marketing, read the full article here: https://www.businessofapps.com/insights/the-top-three-gen-z-mobile-metrics-brands-need-to-track/.