Expert interview with TechRound: What happened to Threads?

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The story of Threads is an interesting one, catapulted to headlines by rapid early adoption and positioned as an alternative to Twitter (X), which has been falling from favor since its ownership change. However, the early success of Threads quickly faded as daily active users dropped by a "staggering 82%" representing on of the most drastic downfalls in the competitive social media platform world. TechRound, an online magazine dedicated to business, startups, tech and helping brands succeed, recently interviewed three experts to find out exactly what happened with Threads and how it might find success in the future, including chatting with our product marketing manager, Katya Moskelenko.

In the interview, Katya touches on the fact that this is not a new story - the tech industry often has high-profile product launches that seem promising at first, and then fall flat when it comes to user engagement and demand. About Threads, she says, "For instance, while Gen Z and Millennials, known for their enthusiasm for new platforms, embraced Threads early on, when we examined usage patterns on our platform, comparing it to Twitter (X) during the second week, Threads displayed markedly lower engagement. This was a clear indicator that put its long-term sustainability in question."

In fact, this is just the type of predictive data that Measure's platform can provide, showing in-depth trends in usage, engagement and more for mobile app usage and digital behaviors in all types of categories. When we examined Threads, we found that "contrary to expectations...heavy Instagram users do not seamlessly migrate to Threads. While they spend approximately 6.9 hours weekly on Instagram, Threads only captures 35 minutes of their attention."

App developers need to consider ways to keep users engaged and loyal, beyond the buzz. In-depth behavioral data from Measure's fully permissioned consumer intelligence platform can give a window into exactly where consumers are spending their time, and how they are using the mobile devices, in order to help companies make better predictions about behaviors and create experiences that spell retention.

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