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Over the past few months, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an even more powerful tool, revolutionizing nearly every industry and our daily lives. However, as the use of AI becomes more prevalent, it is crucial to ensure that AI systems are designed with inclusivity in mind. In her recent article for Creativebrief,  "Why Marketers Should Ensure AI is Inclusive by Design", our product marketing manager Katya Moskalenko explores the importance of inclusive AI, its benefits, and practical steps that can be taken to achieve it.

Katya writes that incorporating inclusivity and diverse viewpoints into AI design right from the outset is critical. Without a concerted effort to this end, there are potential pitfalls, including reinforcing existing biases and excluding marginalized groups. Specifically, she says, “brands must take care to promote inclusivity, equity and diversity within this ecosystem. They must ensure that women have an active seat at the table and are helping to shape the future of AI  – despite the fact that the tech world remains dominated by men.”

She suggests several key considerations to ensure inclusive AI design. Firstly, addressing biases is crucial. By examining data inputs, utilizing diverse datasets, and involving a diverse team in the AI development process, developers can reduce bias and create fairer AI systems.

Secondly, adopting a user-centric design approach is essential. Understanding the unique needs and preferences of all types of potential users helps create AI technologies that enhance the experience for everyone.

Ethical considerations are another vital aspect highlighted in her article, including prioritizing transparency, informed consent, and responsible data usage when deploying AI systems. Respecting user privacy and establishing clear guidelines for data usage are paramount for building trust and fostering inclusivity.

Finally, Katya emphasizes the importance of maintaining empathy and human connection alongside AI automation. While AI can optimize many business processes, it should complement human interaction rather than replacing it. Striking a balance between technology and human touch is vital for creating meaningful connections.

She concludes the article with “Ensuring diverse data inputs, hiring diverse teams, prioritizing ethical practices and actively collaborating with others in the field are just a few practices that help AI and LLMs (large language models) grow to become instruments of positive change for brands…and a force for good within society more broadly.”

Read the complete article here: https://www.creativebrief.com/bite/why-marketers-should-ensure-ai-is-inclusive-by-design