Need data points about trending topics? We've got a page for that.

Measure Protocol
October 2, 2020

Every week, we ask our MSR community a question that's on our minds - whether it be about important topics like diversity and privacy, or timely news topics like COVID-19 habits or thoughts about back-to-school. We publish the results of these weekly studies on our new Insights page. Need consumer data to support a project, article or presentation you're working on? Check the page for easy-to-follow stats from our latest studies, and let us know if there's a pressing question you'd like answered. 

We launch a short survey each week to our community of highly engaged young adults in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom using our QuickAnswers solution. Because we can bring back results in as little as 48 hours, it is the perfect way to find out what people are thinking about trending topics, news and current events. With it, we are able to quickly uncover key data points on topics that we are curious about. Our clients use this service to garner statistically significant insights to bolster communications, presentations, reports and business decision cases.

Just a few of the insights we've published from our weekly outreach include: 

  • What people and their companies/institutions have done to support diversity and inclusion. 63% have talked with family and friends about these issues! 
  • Thoughts surrounding TikTok and privacy issues, with 59% expressing concern over using the app.
  • Views on current events affecting the USPS and ability to mail-in ballots for the upcoming elections - 77% believe the service is being deliberating disrupted. 
  • How consumers are shopping for clothes right now - we found that 62% buy second hand, among other key trends. 
  • Awareness and understanding of the impact of 5G networks

Also on this page, you can access our in-depth white paper that uncovers the impact that trust principles have on market research data quality. Keep checking back for regular updates for consumer insights into the trends that matter (or just for some fun facts).