Consumers find efficiency in telehealth; plan to continue using digital healthcare services

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For more than a year, people have turned to telehealth visits for their healthcare needs as face-to-face appointments became more and more difficult in the face of the pandemic. While telehealth concepts have been around for some time, the recent accelerated adoption of services like video and phone consultations with doctors is unprecedented.

We asked our MSR app community (n = 2,383) using our Quick Answers solution if they'd participated in digital healthcare services, what they thought about the experience, and if they'd continue to use telehealth in the future.

Consumer telehealth insights - by the numbers

Fifty-one percent of our respondents consulted with their physician via phone, while 37% used online video and 25% online chat.

Not only did a large majority believe that telehealth is more cost (80%) and time (81%) effective, and many would also choose it for healthcare appointments in the future (57%).

Most (91%) indicated that their experience with a virtual consultation was great or "OK", and 68% believe telehealth is the way of the future.