Setting a new standard for consumer rewards in the market research industry

Measure Protocol

What if we set a new standard for respondent rewards? That's exactly what we are doing with our new "Premium Rewards." The new program, founded on our commitment to changing the dynamics of consumer data collection, provides significant compensation (on average between $15 and $50 per hour) for individuals sharing data through our proprietary “Retro” behavioral data collection process.

We are proud that our Premium Rewards program:

  • Delivers fair compensation to individuals
  • Encourages sharing of valuable behavioral data
  • Uses our tested technology to protect privacy and provide transparency
  • Establishes a new standard for data compensation and consumer rewards

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Measure Protocol announces premium incentives program for consumer insights

New “Premium Rewards” program sets a new standard for compensation in the market research industry

LONDON - 13 July 2021 - Measure Protocol, the award-winning, ethical person-based data marketplace, today released its Premium Rewards program, which sets a new standard for compensating individuals for sharing their data. The new program which focuses on the company’s proprietary “Retro” behavioral data collection, compensates individuals on average between $15 and $50 per hour on a prorated scale.

“For too long, various industries have continually compensated individuals with mere pennies (or sometimes nothing at all) when they share valuable data,” said Owen Hanks, co-founder and CEO of Measure Protocol. “This new program reflects the knowledge, confirmed by data from our recent research, that many individuals are more comfortable sharing data when their privacy is protected and they are being compensated fairly. It also reflects our commitment to changing the dynamics of consumer data collection.” 

With the new program, brands, marketers and market researchers can access Retro consumer behavioral data using Measure’s Storefront, and be confident that they are receiving quality data that has a positive impact for individuals. While Retro data tasks typically take only a few minutes to complete, the relative data density and value presents new opportunities for brands and individuals alike.

Hanks continued, “Recent legislation in states like California is also helping bring awareness to the lack of transparency in respondent compensation and individual data rights.”

Measure’s Premium Rewards program helps to fulfill Measure’s long-term vision of data quality, transparency and privacy for both consumers and buyers. Specifically, the program:

  • Delivers fair compensation to individuals when they share valuable behavioral data
  • Leverages Measure’s proprietary, tested technology to ensure that privacy is protected and processes are transparent 
  • Establishes a new standard for data compensation and consumer rewards, helping to build trust and engagement with consumers

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