Business Age Interviews Measure CEO and co-founder, Owen Hanks‍

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Business Age, a publication designed for entrepreneurs and revolutionary business thinkers, recently interviewed our CEO and co-founder, Owen Hanks. With a focus on telling the stories of start-ups and founders, Business Age seeks to find out what it really takes to succeed. They asked Owen some questions about Measure, how we started, what we’re doing now, and where we’re heading in the future, plus how Owen approaches critical business functions like hiring and marketing. 

The Q&A begins with a summary of Measure’s work as a consumer intelligence company, and covers how we collect consumer behavioral data from our proprietary communities to help brands make better decisions. Owen touches on ethical data collection practices and other strategies that encourage consumers to share information, which brands can then utilize to improve decision-making processes, ranging from competitor intelligence to product development and marketing strategy.

Owen shares Measure’s “origin” story, and how our founders were passionate about bridging the gap between the data that brands require and the consumers who can provide it. He talks about some challenges we encountered along the way, and how we created a trusted, compliant ecosystem that rewards users fairly for their data and focuses on behavioral data to ensure accuracy. 

He says, “we focus on behavioural data to understand what users are actually doing. This way we can be 100% confident that our data is completely accurate and untainted by fraud and over-claimed or unreliable information. In order to access this data we have developed our own patented data collection technology which lies at the heart of everything we do, giving insight into app engagement metrics, app usage, in-app purchases and activities and more.” He expands on how our proprietary solution collects and processes this crucial data, as well as touching on the upcoming launch of our new platform, which will allow clients to build their own data intelligence using the vast volumes of granular consumer data managed by Measure.  

To help other founders and leaders, the interview also includes a discussion on business practices, like hiring new staff. He talks about how he looks for individuals with grit and talent who can go the distance in the startup environment. They also discuss marketing strategies, investments/funding and what Owen likes to do when he’s not working. Outside of work, he finds relaxation and inspiration through running, which allows him to think creatively and generate ideas. 

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