Measure Protocol's newest App Life Report challenges assumptions surrounding conventional media consumption habits 

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Measure Protocol's newest App Life Report challenges assumptions surrounding conventional media consumption habits 

Consumer intelligence company offers new insights into consumer digital behavior, providing a window into holistic app usage and engagement 

LONDON - 10 October 2023 - Measure Protocol has released its second “App Life Report” of 2023, detailing consumer digital behaviors, including an analysis of evolving media consumption and generational shopping habits. The report draws from fully permissioned behavioral, demographic, and psychographic data from various sources, including Measure's proprietary ecosystem and award-winning technology. The App Life Report 2023 Volume 2 sheds light on mobile device usage and engagement, including disruptive insights that challenge traditional assumptions and pose new challenges for marketers and brands. 

"The consumer data landscape is evolving rapidly with the impending cookie-less future, emphasizing the need for first-party, zero-party, and permissioned data to understand consumer behavior," said Owen Hanks, CEO of Measure Protocol. "Our App Life Report provides vital insights into mobile device usage, including app engagement metrics, in-app purchases, top apps, and app-specific activities. This data is critical for brands that want to stay a step ahead of their target audiences - and their competitors.” 

The 2023 App Life Report Volume 2 reflects consumer behaviors in the United States during July 2023. The data was collected using Measure's Retro technology and represents data from more than 5,000 individuals, obtained in a permissioned and holistic manner based on privacy, transparency, and a fair value proposition. This report also includes a sampling of data from the Measure Platform, which offers a 360-degree view of consumers and enables businesses to make well-informed decisions about their products and marketing strategies through actionable consumer intelligence. 

The second volume of the 2023 App Life Report focuses on actual user engagement, usage and app prioritization on their mobile devices. Key findings include:

  • TikTok continues to grow in influence and popularity. In addition to being a new “search engine”, TikTok continues to dominate Gen Z’s time (16 hours per week to the tune of 5,400 videos). While they tend to participate in more interactive activities, such as commenting and sharing, Millennials clock more live watches on the platform.

  • Generational shopping behavior diverges. Amazon remains a leader in retail app usage (with top usage by 80% of respondents), but shifts in generational shopping behaviors suggest the need for new engagement and retention strategies for different audience segments.

  • Gaming audiences redefined: Defying traditional expectations, the report reiterates women's significant presence in the gaming sector, who are spending more time than men playing games like Call of Duty (360 vs. 166 minutes per week). Gaming companies must rethink the way they are communicating to this powerful audience.

  • Multi-screen behavior is on the rise. The behaviors of specific demographics indicate they are using multiple screens concurrently. For example, heavy TikTok users (18 hours per week) even allocate slightly more time to other leading iOS apps than light TikTok users (2 hours per week), raising new questions for marketers about digital behaviors. 

Consumer intelligence like that included in Measure’s App Life Report can inform holistic competitive strategies for brands, app developers and agencies. With previously inaccessible and hidden behavioral data such as in-app spend, purchase motivations, media consumption patterns and trends, social media search and content results, marketers and brands can take a much deeper dive into competitor apps and 360-degree digital behaviors. This type of data can also be integrated into existing surveys and data pipelines, bringing more meaningful behavioral data to boost audience understanding and find new ways to drive growth. 

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