Our latest article for Advertising Week dives into multiscreening behaviors

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More and more people are multi-tasking and consuming media on multiple screens at once, making it hard to pinpoint where to connect with key audiences. Our CMO and co-founder Paul Neto writes more about this trend in his latest article for Advertising Week, "Multiscreening, multitasking and capturing attention in a TikTok-distracted world."

What's happening in people's digital lives is not straightforward, so understanding what they are doing at a granular level can help build a more complete picture of specific groups of consumers. Paul uses a TikTok data example from our latest App Life Report to illustrate this point. "We found that heavy users, spending more than 18 hours per week on the platform, are perilously close to reaching their 'available time' ceiling for consuming media. Our 2023 data from nearly 10,000 individuals indicates that these heavy TikTok users are also spending slightly more time than light TikTok users (two hours per week) on a variety of other apps as well." 

We also examined what individuals are doing on their phones within a window of time both before and after sharing on TikTok. It is this kind of data that can help build better understanding by showing how people spend time across services and activities.

In the article, Paul also touches on ways that marketers can reach consumers who are perpetually distracted, including seeking more holistic data and reaching audiences in an authentic, consistent manner. He concludes with "Once marketers and advertisers understand their audience’s activities across various digital domains, including things like social media, streaming, gaming and shopping apps (and TikTok of course!), they can use this intelligence to capture waning attention in the most effective way possible."

You can read the complete article here: https://advertisingweek.com/multiscreening-multitasking-and-capturing-attention-in-a-tiktok-distracted-world/